Nothing CEO Carl Pei Introduces CMF, a Nothing Sub-brand Focusing on Budget Phones and AIOT Devices

It’s Nothing’s version of Transsion’s Itel.

On the company’s YouTube Channel, Nothing CEO Carl Pei has made a huge announcement. The company is apparently large enough now to split its resources and Pei introduces CMF by Nothing, a division focusing primarily on the budget market while Nothing focuses on flagship phones, which keeps its value very high and premium. It was also mentioned in the video that Nothing will offer premium devices using the “latest technology” even though its latest phone, the Nothing Phone (2), uses last year’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset.

Different consumers want different things according to Pei. This is the main reason why he wanted to split Nothing into two (Oxymoronic, no?) because not everyone can afford the luxurious Phone (1) and (2) that the company offers. Hence why you see several companies making spin-off brands that offer almost the same exact features as the parent brand but at a cheaper price. In the automotive industry, this is called “rebadging”.

The new brand which doesn’t stand for anything, is designed to be “timeless” while keeping prices low for all its products. Pei also emphasized that CMF would be delivering “quality that is very hard to find” in that price segment. It probably means that, while we probably won’t be getting those fancy light shows, we could at least see a transparent phone and NothingOS inside CMF-branded phones.

Phones aren’t the first offerings of CMF. Like how Nothing started, CMF would be introducing accessories first such as TWS earbuds and smartwatches. CMF products are also user-oriented and should work well with Nothing’s environment. It primarily focuses on customer feedback to improve future devices, like its parent company.

While there are no products launched yet, Pei said that CMF’s first set of smartwatches and earbuds would be announced “in the coming months” with buttloads of teasers, trailers, and get this, leaks from the insider community! Stay tuned and we’ll update you once they are official.

Source: Nothing