RIP Twitter. Elon Musk to Revamp the platform to

Two more Xs and it would sound like… well too unfriendly to mention on our site.

In a bold and possibly controversial move, Elon Musk decided to rebrand and revamp the entirety of Twitter to The blue bird would soon fly away, replaced with a more generic X logo. The name is taken from an early bank Musk had set up in the 2000s. The bank eventually died out and its domain,, was purchased by another company. In 2017, Musk repurchased the domain and when he took over Twitter for USD 44 billion, it redirects to Homepage. Note that the iconic Bird icon is gone

Previously, he said he was bidding “adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Ever since his takeover of Twitter, Musk was initially praised for bringing his vision to the platform, such as enhanced free speech. However, some also criticized this as they fear that misinformation, disinformation, and fake news would become highly prevalent. Musk was also criticized for suspending innocent accounts and massive layoffs.

Last June, Elon Musk stepped down as CEO as former NBCUniversal CEO Linda Yaccarino took over the position. Elon now serves as the company’s CTO.

And well… Twitter users (or X users?) reacted just the way you expect…


Source: CNN Edition