WWDC23: iPadOS 17 Brings More Customization to iPad!

It’s closer to iOS 17 now than ever!

Whenever iOS is announced, expect that both iPadOS and MacOS will get updates as well. Enter iPadOS 17. The update is not that significant but it does deliver a few things, such as external camera and webcam support and a wide array of customization options alongside the mandatory stability and security updates.

Before you read on, know which iPad models support this new version. They are listed below:

  • iPad 6th generation and newer
  • iPad Mini 5th generation and newer
  • iPad Air 3rd generation and newer
  • 12.9″ iPad Pro 2nd generation and newer
  • 10.5″ iPad Pro 1st generation and newer
  • 11″ iPad Pro 1st generation and newer


The lock screen gets access to more personalization options. Just like with MacOS Sonoma and iOS 17, users can now add their favourite photos on the lock screen, customize the font, and add different colours and emoji customizations. You could do this with many Android skins as early as 2012 but we’re happy to see that Apple is catching up.

In addition, Live Activities can now be activated in the lock screen so users would be aware of the latest news, trends, stock prices, and more.

Both the Home and Lock screens have access to widgets

AutoFill and Notes

Users can now interact with PDF inside the Notes app and make changes. Also, AutoFill is now an option for many PDF Files. iPadOS 17 uses machine learning to identify which parts need to be filled in a document.

Through Notes, users can make quick sketches and annotations, mark up scanned PDFs, and collaborate with others live when sharing a note with others. This feature works similarly when you share a Google Docs file with others and you can see them make new changes live so as long you have a stable internet connection.


Apple added new ways to communicate through Messages, such as adding live stickers which is already a thing for a while now with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. A new update to the messages app also includes an expandable menu so users can see their recent messages. A search bar is also included so that users can zoom quickly to find a specific message.

Audio messages are transcribed automatically so that users can read them now or later. When sharing their location, it shows up live until the conversation is over.


Just like with iOS 17, FaceTime now gets audio and video messages so the other party can view them later. When a user does not pick up a call, they can send out audio or video messages just like how an Answering Machine would.


We were surprised to hear that the Health App wasn’t available for iPad up until this point. It’s one of those “Wasn’t this available already?” Well, Apple’s Newsroom has your answer.

The Health App has the same features as its iOS counterpart including sleep tracking, screen time, respiratory health, and reminders. They can also log their daily moods and seek mental help through this app.


  • STAGE MANAGER – Allows you to resize windows and brings support to external cameras. It’s again one of those features that should have been available ever since the release of the first iPadOS.
  • FREEFORM – Is now more flexible with options including hover, tilt, and snap to shape. It also adds guides for collaborators.
  • VISUAL LOOK-UP – Now includes recognition capabilities for food, storefronts, signs, and symbols on clothing, and laundry tags

Source: Apple Newsroom