40-day WinRAR License? Don’t bother! Windows 11 will soon support RAR Files

What’s going to happen to WinRAR license holders now? They must be shaking!

There are 40 days of summer vacation and the WinRAR license comes along just to end it. And so, the annual problem of our generation is purchasing a license… or so we thought.

When you download WinRAR, you will be greeted by a notice saying that you have 40 days to use the software freely. However, even after the trial period ends, you could still use WinRAR fully, as if nothing happened. Well, you do get constant pop-ups appearing every time you open it. Once you close them, WinRAR is working just fine, as if there is no need to buy the license, to begin with. This is no bug. WinRAR is 100% aware of this and this nagware method is part of their business strategy. They get their money from businesses, not home users.

However, this efficient strategy might come to an end because soon Windows 11 would be supporting RAR files natively. In addition, other file compression formats such as 7-zip would also be supported. This announcement came first from The Verge.

Normally, to open RAR files, you need to download WinRAR. After an update, you won’t need to. WinRAR is pretty old, launching as far back as 1995 so it is about time that Windows supports the format.