ICYMI: SIM Card registration deadline is now on July 25th

Another 90 days added since the original April 26th

After the April 26th deadline, there were supposedly no more SIM Cards to be registered and those who failed would have to face their SIM Cards being deactivated. Users are given a grace period of 5 days if they fail to activate on time.

However, due to pressure from several telco companies as well as the low total of subscribers during the time period, the Marcos Jr government has approved a 90-day extension which was announced by, strangely, Jesus Crispin Remulla who is the secretary of justice currently and so not in line for DICT and NTC. Not just that, the DICT can extend the registration for up to 120 days if they need to.

The three major telcos (Globe, PLDT, and DITO) expressed their support for this extension stating that individuals could process and obtain their needed IDs much easier. Currently, there are about 83 million registrants of all telcos combined nationwide.

Source: The Manila Times