Google introduces Passkey, a passwordless alternative to securing your account!

This simply means using biometric authentication such as Fingerprints and facial scanners to log in to your Google account.

Google has announced and launched Passkey, a new method for securing accounts through the means of biometric authentication. The tech giant claims that this method is far more secure than using passwords and is also more convenient. Users can also sign in via a PIN similar to how you log in to banks and your Windows PC. Microsoft has a similar feature too for laptops with fingerprint and facial recognition called “Windows Hello”.

“Passkeys provide robust protection against phishing attacks, unlike SMS or an app-based one-time passwords. Since passkeys are standardized, a single implementation enables a passwordless experience across different browsers and operating systems.” Google said in their blog post.

Passkeys are digital credentials tied to a user’s account or application. Not only is this more secure but it’s also more convenient because you don’t have to type out your passwords, emails, or usernames everytime you want to log in. It can be frustrating after all when you forget your password.

Passkeys only exist on devices and users need to (ironically) log in first to their Google account with a typical password sign-in and visit their account settings to enable passkeys.

Google has been working on a passwordless security method for several years and they also have introduced important security measures such as 2FA to keep hackers and scammers at bay. Two-factor authentication requires users to confirm after signing in. They will be prompted on their authorized device if that was really them signing in. Upon confirmation, you will be logged in and your account would be accessible.

Source: Google