ECHO LOUD, ECHO PROUD! The Orcas break the code in a familiar 4-0 sweep in MPL Season 11!

Woah, Deja Vu

The final bracket of the MPL was live yesterday. Guess who’s going against who? It’s team Blacklist and ECHO once again, like the M4 Championship that was held last January. And also, just like the championship, ECHO wins a familiar 4-0 sweep! It’s like history repeating itself.

Blacklist is an e-sports team renowned for their championship wins against their contemporaries like BREN and Omega. However, despite their strong intuition and strong lineups, this didn’t make them win against the rising star that is ECHO as they have broken the code for a second time.

They managed to achieve their victory by countering Blacklist’s best strategy: the UBE strategy which was their trump card that made them win against other e-sports teams in Mobile Legends. This strategy is so effective that their competitors tried to make their own variations.

The UBE strategy (Ultimate Bonding Experience) is a strategy that requires full teamwork and cooperation to be a success. One important factor here is sustainability and everyone being close together and fighting as one unit. Thus, healers like Estes are crucial. OhmyV33nus is one of the best players of this hero and this is why Estes is often banned. Diggie was banned by Moonton themselves for the rest of the match, which is another important hero for this strategy, due to a bug that allows him to bypass the fog of war.

Team ECHO is composed of Karltzy (Jungler), Sanji (Midlane), Yawi (Roamer), BennyQT (Gold), and Sanford (EXP lane). The team is trained by Coach TicTac.

The MVP of the game is Sanford who managed to turn the tide in game 4 by ensuring that Owl, BLCK’s gold laner, cannot secure his lane, thus preventing him from snowballing and easily melting the rest of the Orcas.

Both ECHO and Blacklist will represent the Philippines in the upcoming MSC 2023 held in Cambodia this coming June.


Source: MPL Philippines