Oppo’s IF Photography Awards 2023 shows off creativity beyond human expression!

Photography masters, show your teeth! Be bright beyond the image and beyond the imagination!

Oppo’s IF Photography Awards is an annual event dedicated to aspiring and professional photographers in the world where they can show their prowess when it comes to smartphone photography creatively beyond their limits. This year’s awards are made in collaboration with Hasselblad and select Hasselblad masters would be the judges, as well as Oppo CPO Pete Lau.

The award’s tagline “Beyond the Image, Beyond Imagination” signifies the company’s vision of driving technological progress through innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Making users, even non-pro photographers, competitive and reaching heights far out in the galaxy and within.

As a testament to this vision, Oppo is offering the highest prizes in the industry. The chosen winner (Golden Award) would receive a grand cash prize of CNY 160,000 (~USD 23.2K, Php 1.3M), participation in the Hasselblad Image Training Camp, and international photography exhibition opportunities.

In addition to that, there would be four Silver Awards worth CNY 60,000 (~USD 8.7K, Php 484.6K) and ten Bronze Awards worth CNY 20,000 (~USD 2.9K, Php 161.5K) to be given away as well. This also includes opportunities for photography training and exposure.

There would also be four Honorable Mentions for those that did not make it. There would also be Partner Channel awards and Monthly Activity Awards to include more inspiring works.

The competition will be judged by eight panellists selected by Oppo and are composed of world-renowned photographers who bring diverse experiences and perspectives.

One of the selected judges is Alec Soth who is popularly known for his contemporary photos and is currently a member of Magnus Photos. Oppo’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Lau, is also at the judges’ table during the competition and will also bring valuable insights. Tang Hui is a Chinese photographer and Hasselblad Master who will share his rich experience in photography. Tina Signesdottir Hult, another Hasselblad Master from Norway, also graces the panel with a discerning and attractive eye. Wan Jianjun, a Chinese landscape photographer, a member of the Chinese Photographers Association and also one of the Hasselblad masters lends his expertise to the competition, and finally, Yin Chao, a fashion photographer, will also share his expertise at the judges’ table.

There are Eight categories for each entry. This includes The Distant View, Portrait, Night Scenery, Colors, Landscape, The Taste of Memories, Light & Shadow, and Chapters of a Life, all of which are aimed at inspiring creativity among OPPO users, casual and professionals, worldwide.

You could visit the Imagine Awards website for more info.