ICYMI: Sony announced three new Bravia TVs for 2023.

Do you own a mansion or a theatre? Well, this might be for you. 40-inchers are so 2015 and are pretty small now.

Bravia XR X95L

When it comes to televisions, there’s no better at that master craft than Sony. A few weeks ago, the company has launched three new large televisions for use in your tiny bungalow. All three models (X90L, X95L, A80L) use the proprietary Cognitive Processor XR which improves the brightness of the display and allows for better backlight control. It does this by replicating content. This is also partnered with Sony’s XR Clear Image which they claim reduces noise and motion blur.

If you own a new Sony sound system, you’re in luck if you ever plan to purchase these TV sets. They have Acoustic Center Sync that easily synchronizes with select sony audio peripherals including soundbars and stereo systems.

As these are Sony TVs, they are enhanced for PlayStation 5. The console harmonizes well with the three TVs and takes advantage of Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode which optimizes display quality while streaming.

Finally, all three support the Bravia Core app, Pure Stream, and IMAX Enhanced.


The first of the three (in its glorious full name) is the Sony Bravia XR X95L 4K HDR Mini-LED Google TV. Quite a mouthful, so it’s usually shortened to just X95L. Despite the numbering, it’s only 85-inches in size. This is the only size it will be available with.

The display supports 4K@120Hz refresh rate, and auto low latency mode which is handy when you’re streaming and the graphics are dense. It also has X-Anti reflection and X-Wide angle which, as the name says, reduces unwanted reflections when rotating the TV.


Up next, the X90L which, as the number inaccurately says, comes in 75, 64, or 55-inch variants. It’s identically a smaller version of the X95L and has the same exact features.


Finally, we have the only non X series of the bunch, the Bravia XR A80L. (Full name: Bravia XR A80L 4K HDR OLED Google TV). Sony’s terrible naming decisions always amuses us, as if they’ve listed the TV somewhere in Amazon, Shopee, or Lazada. Got to keep those sales up somehow by adding every phrase and every possible tag.

Anyway, like the X90L, it’s available in 75, 65, and 55-inch variants. In addition to the aforementioned features, this TV has Sony’s XR OLED Contrast Pro and XR Triluminos Pro technologies which we swear are something Apple could have outlandishly name their displays after. Sony said that these technologies help the OLED display to be 110% brighter than the previous generation.

All three are set to arrive in the Philippines. We’ll update you for pricing right on this very article. Stay tuned, and start measuring your room so these three displays will actually fit your house.