AnTuTu: iQoo Neo7 is the top performing sub-flagship handset of February 2023

They just couldn’t call it “flagship killers” can’t they? iQoo is also an underrated brand that should be here in the Philippines

AnTuTu has officially released its list of top performing phones of the first quarter from the budget to the flagships. We’ll be taking a look at the middle ones. Those phones that are just so-close to flagships but are actually midrange phones (they call those things “flagship killers”).

This list originated from a benchmark curated on AnTuTu v9. Possibly no cheating was involved here as AnTuTu constantly updates its software to detect the latest anomalies from chipset and phone brands. As you could see on this list, the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 is defined the winner. That seems to be no-brainer. The Dimensity 8200 is technically a slightly watered down flagship chip. It was derived from the 9200 after all and sports the same 2nd-gen 4nm process.

The next one in this list is again a chipset from MediaTek. The company is really killing it in the chipset segment lately and Qualcomm is lagging behind. This time, it’s the Xiaomi 12T (though still called “Mi 12T” here). with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. By the way, this isn’t just your ordinary Dimensity 8100, this one’s the ultra variant, so it’s customized and designed for powerful gaming and performance.

Finally, the third phone in this list is the Realme GT Neo3 sporting the same Dimensity 8100-Ultra chipset. As you could see, the scores are actually pretty close to each other with the top three. Only the Dimensity 8200 has a slightly larger gap.

We’re surprised to see that no Snapdragon 888+ or 8 Plus Gen 1 phone made it to the top 10, but then again, MediaTek has a history of cheating through its benchmarks. The only real way to determine performance is to have it tested yourself on a daily basis. Try playing a game with the phone and compare them with other handsets of the same class. Moreover, the software included with these phones are also a factor as they may or may not be optimized. Hardware features like VC cooling plates and fans also improve performance by dissipating heat that the phone gets after being used for so long.

Source: AnTuTu