Quipper revolutionizes Education through EdTech and AI

AI is everywhere recently, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Quipper today announced a new way for educators and students to further enhance their studies and lessons in a much more convenient way. This project is called “EdTech” and uses AI to make them better performers at home and in school.

Quipper is a technology company with an extensive focus on providing and developing e-learning materials, methods, coaching, and tutoring. They aim to provide, improve, and distribute quality education through the use of technology. They are focused on developing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mexico; as well as other countries with a K-12 system like Japan.

While yes, today there is still a lot of skepticism about the power of AI, it can’t be denied that it helped educators and students grow by streamlining innovative methods that cannot easily be done in a traditional classroom setting. AI is a technology that is explored since the dawn of computers but since the start of the pandemic, its importance is only now realized. They are needed to create future-ready professionals that will further progress the world as we know it.

Both Quipper and ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak, developer of AI-based voice assistants, highlighted this when they signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year.

“Our collaboration aims to support the education sector in elevating the quality of education in the Philippines by integrating the power of EdTech and AI. ELSA Speak, an AI-driven English-speaking coach, together with Quipper, the leading EdTech and LMS platforms in the Philippines, aims to revolutionize education beyond the current means that we have,” said Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines

Here are a few ways where AI and EdTech can help elevate the learning experience, as shared by both Quipper and ELSA Speaks

Increases Efficiency in Classrooms

Most of the time, teachers must spend hours evaluating a student’s homework and activities. It takes away the time to create, update, and deliver lessons to students. Without an ample amount of time, teachers will sacrifice the quality of education that they can give to students

With AI and an EdTech platform, it can help manage the teachers’ workload by intervening with their operational activities. For example, on ELSA’s speech recognition platform, AI evaluates students’ spoken English and provides detailed feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and fluency with an accuracy rate of 95 percent. Grading English lessons will now be easier for teachers. Moreover, an EdTech platform like Quipper offers automated checking of students’ activities and an item analysis feature to monitor students’ performance in class easier.  

Learning is more personalized for students

Nothing beats a learning environment where students can excel while elevating their individuality. But due to the number of students a teacher handles, most of the time, educators need to offer their attention to fully assist them in their growth. 

That is why AI supports teachers by giving them data that can be used for proper assessments, like how ELSA’s adaptive system uses a student’s behavior and performance to create a personalized learning path. Whereas with Quipper, teachers can access over 4000+ downloadable study guides as alternatives to textbooks and 1000+ video lessons to enhance their students’ learning.   

To develop their teaching profession

Teachers must adapt to the changing tides of education, so professional development is vital to improving an educator’s effectiveness in delivering quality learning.   

For example, ELSA Speak, as an AI-driven English-speaking coach, can help deliver excellent lessons for learners and educators to improve their English communication skills. It will enhance their competitiveness as a teacher. On the other hand, Quipper, as an EdTech and LMS platform, can help offer comprehensive guides and other teaching resources to support the learning environment they will provide for their students.

Innovation is truly the mother of all learning. It applies what the greatest thinkers know into a real-world scenario. The collaboration of teachers and students while integrating technology—AI and EdTech—will develop a conducive education for all.  

“Our move to collaborate with Quipper aims to bridge the gap between teachers and EdTech plus AI. We want to demonstrate how vital it is to adopt this pairing to improve the education we can offer our students. This is a change for the better, and we hope to see this even more in the future,” said Vu Van, Founder and CEO of ELSA Speak.  

To learn more about Quipper Philippines and its other programs and initiatives, visit https://www.quipper.com/ph/