MWC 2023: Xiaomi shows off its Solid State Battery tech with a large 6000mAh capacity in a small enclosure!

We’re not done yet with MWC. Far from done.

The Solid State Battery was inserted into a concept version of the Xiaomi 13

Solid State Battery technology is not new. Samsung has presented this concept before with the premise of it lasting over 45 days over the usual Lithium Ion batteries commonly found on smartphones today. The current state of this battery type is but a dream and until now, it remains a concept that is still developing.

Xiaomi’s iteration is similar, except this one has 6000mAh capacity in a smaller enclosure. To recall, the battery of the Xiaomi 13 is large but only carries 4500mAh capacity.

Solid State batteries have a significantly higher energy density than standard Li-ion batteries which also makes it possible to store a lot of energy in a smaller space. This gives the phone more power and more room for other important components. According to Xiaomi, this type of battery improves battery density by 1/3 versus Li-ion batteries. This is 33% more than the Xiaomi 13 can hold. In particular, Xiaomi achieved 1000W/L energy density with some of its prototypes which is, by the way, more than double than most electric vehicles.

The company also claims that this battery is a lot safer than Lithium batteries and has less chances of exploding or leaking. It can even provide 20% more power in extremely cold conditions.

As we mentioned, solid state batteries sounds like a dream, and it is a dream that is yet to come true. It is not ready to be mass produced. No, not just yet. However, if this passes the testing lab, then the dream might become a reality. Who knows? We just have to have our fingers crossed.

Source: NextPit