You’re not completely free of Windows’ annoying watermarks.

Oh, you’re using Windows 11 on an unsupported PC? We’ll let the entire world know about it – Microsoft, probably.

Windows 11 default wallpaper. No watermarks here.

When you pirate Windows because you have blown all of your hard-earned cash for computer parts, you will get this infamously annoying notification stating that your software is not genuine. That watermark has become a sort of an icon, especially in impoverished countries where a user could not simply spend for a genuine version of Windows.

Microsoft later decided to make Windows 10 and its upcoming Windows 11 free to download. So you would think those annoying watermarks are long gone right? Well, sort of, they just changed their attire. Now, if you have an incompatible PC, Microsoft WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW about it.

The above watermark has a similar format as the infamous “not genuine” watermarks of older Windows. This specific watermark has been circulating around Windows blogs with users complaining in forums about it. This will appear if you have Windows 11 Pro installed on your machine but the hardware requirements are not met. We found that a bit bizarre because a user can install Windows 11 successfully but is “incompatible” in a way. It’s perhaps that some features are turned off and you get these lines of text emblazoned on your right-hand corner of your PC.

Other users have reported that despite their hardware supposedly not meeting Microsoft’s criteria, they are able to work just as fine. It’s just that the watermark may be a nuisance to some.

There are ways to remove it fortunately.

To do it however meant going to regedit. Tinkering with the Registry Editor may cause more problems than it solves if you’re not careful. You may also risk your PC’s software warranty.

Source: WindowsLatest, Gizmodo