Infinix’s MOI series of mobile accessories have UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE prices!

Of course, there are caveats to that. Most of them are probably ODM products just branded for Infinix.

Infinix MOI W1 smartwatch

Infinix is a company that many of you know sells smartphones. But did you know they also sell peripherals? Just like their smartphones, their accessories are also more affordable than the competition. There are ups and downs to that. The main advantage, of course, is the price. Cheaper accessories meant that these devices are more accessible and they are, more often than not, much more friendly to newcomers.

Let’s check the MOI series and see what Infinix has in store.

Infinix MOI W1 Smartwatch

The MOI W1 smartwatch is a very affordable smartwatch with a quality better than most ODM smartwatches. Of course, there are trade-offs. In particular, this one comes with a 1.83″ qHD (240x282px) TFT screen. Imagine this out in the summer sun, you wouldn’t see a thing. It can magnetically be charged and thanks to its low-quality screen, you could save up to 5 days on stan-by with this thing. Its chipset is the RTL8762DE. Pretty long name. This chipset is manufactured by RealTek and comes with 128MB memory

Infinix did not state any watertight protection or dust resistance, nor did they state the number of watchfaces available for the watch as well as the number of sports modes and sensors. it’s nothing mentioned but the wireless charging feature. Infinix did say it has a built-in “game recreation” feature, whatever that is. It probably runs Infinix’s own proprietary software.

In Lazada and Shopee, this affordable smartwatch is priced at Php 999 but is currently discounted to Php 949.

Infinix MOI GM7 Gaming TWS Earbuds

The GM7 is a pair of earbuds designed to mimic more expensive gaming earbuds.

The buds are pretty capable judging by the spec sheet. According to Infinix, they are designed in a Cyberpunk-esque style with a “mechanical charm” feel to it. It uses Bluetooth 5.2 which is more than what earbuds of similar prices could offer. Its dynamic drivers are pretty big too, it’s 13mm in size which means frequencies, especially bass, should be tiptop, right? As with other earbuds, it has a limit of 10m. One downside is that it only lasts for 4.5h when playing. Though with the case, these could last up to 20 hours. Its latency is recorded to be less than or equal to 60ms. Pretty low, and it should be low because it is advertised as a gaming pair of earbuds.

It lists in Shopee and Lazada for Php 699 but is currently discounted to Php 664.

Infinix MOI Air 1 Pro

You know it’s good when it has “Pro” in the name, the image tells you that it looks like a premium pair of TWS earbuds, and only comes with a Php 399 (Php 379 sale price) price tag. This might be the most affordable pair of branded TWS earbuds currently available officially. This is not counting the array of Lenovo LivePods that scatter around Shopee and Lazada.

Just like the GM7 Gaming earbuds, the Air 1 Pro features a 13mm dynamic driver and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. It lags more though, at 70ms. Its main feature is the featherweight design and a large array of colours. It appears that these buds do not feature silicone tips. Battery life is poor only lasting four hours for the buds. In total, with its case, these could last 20 hours.

It is available in Lazada and Shopee

Infinix MOI i66 Pro

When we said the Air 1 Pro is the cheapest branded TWS earbuds, that is a lie. It’s actually the i66 Pro from Infinix once again. It’s gotta be good, it has PRO in the name. These earbuds cost Php 299 (Php 284 sale price) and comes in white, black, and yellow. And they are cheaply made. A pair truly made for professionals.

At first glance, these may look like AirPods copies. That’s because they are since they are an ODM product branded for Infinix. These earbuds have similar features with the Air 1 Pro and they also lack silicone tips. The design for the case is different though. One major difference is their even weaker battery. This time, they only last 16 hours in total.

It is available through Lazada and Shopee.