Instagram founders created a new news-based social media app

Fake news is prevalent, hopefully, they could prevent that with this new app.

Artifact website

Years after the original founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, left the company, the duo announced a new social media project… on Instagram. They call it “Artifact”.

Krieger described the service as a “personalized news feed driven by the latest in artificial intelligence”. He also said he has been working with a number of talented people for more than a year now to launch their new app. Those who want to try out the beta can sign up in waitlist.

Unlike Instagram where it was initially designed to share photos, Artifact is all about curating news articles checked thoroughly through the use of AI. It will recommend content based on the interest of the user and their discussions with their friends. So if the app learned that you love seeing tech news articles such as ours, then the app will simply provide you more of those.

There will be a main feed that will display articles from the largest media companies as well as small bloggers. Chance are, you might even able to see us there. The user’s feed will be customized based on what posts they click.

To recall, Meta (then-known as Facebook, Inc.) purchased Instagram in 2012 for USD 1 billion, two years after its launch. Systrom and Krieger left their own platform after continuous disagreements against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who intended to migrate Instagram with Facebook and its other services.

By the way, their website has a striking similarity to Nothing’s which uses a similar font, white background-black text, and simple graphics.

Source: Instagram