Nokia, NOW Telecom, and USTDA announced a partnership to improve 5G in the Philippines!

So, the time is NOW. They finally don’t look like a scam.

Remember NOW Corporation? A Philippines-based telco company that claimed to be the “4th major telco” in the country? Yeah, they were fined by the Philippine Stock Exchange because they have no evidence to prove they are actually doing something. Well, it seems like the company is not done yet with its schemes. But holy cow, this time, they may actually be legit.

You may know Nokia as that one cellphone maker that fell from grace after a certain fruit fell down from the Garden of Eden. Aside from making phones, the company’s main business is actually infrastructure. They are, in many ways, similar to Huawei when it comes to business structure. NOW Telecom is currently collaborating with them to improve 5G services in the Philippines.

Alongside Nokia, the company is also receiving assistance from the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). The main purpose of this collaboration is to create a standalone 5G design and help NOW create a national broadband network. In other words, NOW is pushing its plans to become a major telecommunications service.

Part of the agreement lets Nokia design and implement a pilot 5G network across Metro Manila. This initiative is facilitated by the grants received from the USTDA to support the development of 5G mobile and fixed networks in the country.

The consulting work will initiate next month and deployment would be carried out this July. Once implemented, NOW Telecom plans to offer Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and enhance Mobile BroadBand (eMBB) 5G services to “connect the unconnected” and provide “superior network speed” and latency improvement.

That’s good character development right there.

Source: GizGuidePH