Tecno’s new concept tablet rolls AND folds

Why not take two separate concepts and combine it into one? That’s the Phantom Vision V

An exclusive look of Tecno’s new concept folding phone to GSMArena has shown that Tecno has truly gone from a budget phone maker to making crazy concepts and innovations that can seriously contest large companies like Samsung. Tecno’s innovation shone when it presented a camera phone with a retractable telephoto lens.

The company is now ready for round two. Remember when TCL created a concept that rolls the phone out to reveal a larger display? Or when the time Samsung first presented its Galaxy Z Fold series? Well, Tecno basically said that they will combine both of those features into one sleek and futuristic device.

Unlike the Phantom X2 which has hit mass production, the Vision V would probably not and would remain a concept as Tecno did not say a word regarding its release.

When folded, the device appears to be just your regular foldable phone. However after unfolding it, you can roll it further to reveal a large 10.1-inch display that, in time, would spell the extinction of regular tablets.

It has a triple camera setup at the back and underneath it is a secondary screen. Tecno dubbed this as the “reverse-side back cover”. It displays notifications, an AOD clock, and important reminders.

The display is made of 11 functional layers to give it flexibility and durability. In addition, Tecno claimed that the casing is made of “aerospace-grade” titanium.

Nothing much else is said about the device, and frankly, specs are not fully relevant when it comes to concept devices like this.

Source: GSMArena