Apple unveils the new generation MacBooks with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips alongside the M2-powered Mac Mini

They launched these in an unusual January event.

M2 MacBook Pro

In an unusual January launch, Apple officially unveiled the new MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro and Max chipsets, as well as the Mac Mini. The new laptops feature a 14-inch and 16-inch notched Liquid Retina XDR display. The design remained the same as the predecessor while the chipset is the main selling point for these.

These new processors are set to replace the M1 series and are a huge improvement over the base M2 that first debuted with the new-generation MacBook Air. The M2 Pro now features a dosecore GPU from the previous decacore M1 chips. In addition, the GPU also gets a boost and now features 19 cores from the M1 Pro’s 16.

Meanwhile, the M2 Max also has a 12-core CPU but the GPU cores are further increased to 30 cores.

In addition, the new MacBooks get an extensive memory expansion ranging with a maximum of 96GB unified memory. The battery for these new laptops also has improvements. The M2 Pro reached 18 hours on a single usage, and up to 22 hours for the larger 16-inch version.

The modem for these two chipsets was also upgraded as these new MacBooks now feature Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity. It also features Bluetooth 5.3 to ensure an instant connection and better latency. For your next conference and online class, Apple provided a 1080p FaceTime webcam for that purpose.

The new MacBooks also feature a six-speaker sound system and officially launch with MacOS Ventura. These new laptops would be available to purchase in partner stores on January 24th.

According to our colleagues from YugaTech, the 14in. M2 Pro MacBook starts at an affordable price of just Php 126,990. Meanwhile, the base 16in. M2 Pro starts at a candy-level price of just Php 156,990.

Also, if you want to get the more powerful M2 Max, you only have to pay the incredibly cheap price of Php 192,990 and Php 216,990 respectively. Regardless of size, these two laptops are essentially the same

Mac Mini M2

Alongside these new classy MacBooks, there’s also the Mac Mini which retained the same exact design as the previous Mac Mini but it’s now equipped with the M2 chip seen on the MacBook Air as well as an m2 Pro chip seen on this year’s MacBooks.

With Apple releasing the M2 chips, it allowed the company to discontinue the Mac Mini with an Intel Core processor. Only the Mac Pro is what’s left of Intel’s footprint in Apple’s current lineup.

The Mac Mini here comes with both 256GB and 512GB storage with a choice between 6 or 8GB unified memory. The M2 mini is a little pricey, starting at Php 36,990. The Pro version is more expensive, at Php 79,990.

Availability in the Philippines, particularly in Power Mac Center and Beyond the Box, are yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

Source: Apple Newsroom, Apple (M2 MacBook), Apple (Mac Mini)