Oppo’s INNO Day 2022 has concluded. Here’s what they’ve showcased.

An event where Oppo showcases how innovative they can be.

Three days ago, Oppo launched a live event called Inno Day. This is an annual live event where Oppo will showcase to consumers its latest innovations, concepts, and its power of research and development. In other words, it’s Oppo flexing on consumers and possibly other brands as well.

For this year’s Inno Day, the company has showcased three products. These are the MariSilicon Y Bluetooth chip, Air Glass 2 smart glasses, and finally, the OHealth 1 health monitor.

MariSilicon Y audio chip

Unlike the MariSilicon X, which is a chipset designed to enhance photos, the MariSilicon Y is a chipset designed to enhance audio experience, so this doesn’t make it the former’s successor.

According to Oppo, this audio chip is the first to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge N6RF technology. This chip also has a Pro Bluetooth Pack that increases Bluetooth bandwidth by 50%, in comparison to similar chips available in the market.

It is also designed to compete well against spatial audio, and with that, this chip can transmit a 24-bit/192kHz sound that provides a similar experience. It also has a dedicated NPU and a proprietary URLC codec.

Air Glass 2

The second generation Assisted Reality eyewear from Oppo. Although not new (Google Glasses precede it by seven years), it sure does feel nice that smart glasses are making a comeback. These pair of glasses weigh only 38g, making it one of the lightest, if not the lightest, pair of smart glasses in the world. They are also the world’s first lenses to use an SRG-diffractive waveguide resin. They are customizable and allow for a much more improved vision. They come in white or black.

OHealth H1 Health Monitor

A health tracker with 6 data monitoring features. The concept of this is similar to a smartwatch or fitness band but unlike those, this is specifically designed for health purposes. Some features adapted from said wearables include an oxygen meter, heart rate, and sleep tracking. Other new features include ECG, heart and lung auscultation, and temperature reading. It can be connected using Oppo’s Health Cloud and also has AI-based diagnosis, telemedecine, and health monitoring.

It comes with its own proprietary app called OHealth App. The health monitor was made possible due to a collaboration with Omron. The OHealth H1 provides hospitals, clinics, and consumers to have a competent, smart, and practical health device for their every need.

Source: Oppo Inno Day 2022