Several Chinese manufacturers delayed their launches

These include companies like ZTE, Xiaomi, MediaTek, and Honor

Xiaomi 13 series

Due to the unexpected death of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, several Chinese companies like ZTE and Xiaomi delayed their launches as condolences. Their launches would come at a later date, and until further announcement.

Products that were due to launch on November 30 or within the first week of December included the flagship Xiaomi 13 series, the ZTE Neo7 SE, iQoo 11 series, Huawei Watch Buds, and even MediaTek, despite being Taiwanese, also delayed the launch of the Dimensity 8200. Unsuprisingly, these products are all highly anticipated.

The Chinese websites for these aforementioned companies temporarily changed their colours to black and white as a symbol of mourning, similar to when Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th

Sources: FoneArena