OnePlus promises 4 years of major Android upgrades and 5 years of security updates!

That’s the level of NOTHING we’re going to see! Ahead of big SAM but still falls under the APPLE tree

As more and more consumers decide to keep their phones instead of buying one every few months, keeping phones secure and up-to-date makes them live a little longer without compromising on performance dips. We want to use our phones until the day it dies a peaceful death. Updates would also mean that there would be less e-wastes and would theoretically, make phones environmentally friendly.

OnePlus has announced that its flagship number series (including the sub “T” series) would be receiving up to four years of major Android upgrades starting in 2023! This number of updates surpasses that even against its competitors Xiaomi and Samsung, and puts OnePlus on equal footing with Nothing, Carl Pei’s new startup.

This will take effect once the OnePlus 11 starts rolling out. According to OnePlus system Product Head Gary Chen, security updates will complement it and will be released in a bi-monthly manner, within a 5-year period. That’s more than what most major manufacturers can offer. Even Oppo and Vivo aren’t as dedicated to updates as they are in making their phones look shiny and flamboyant.

Due to the backlash OnePlus received, the unified Oxygen+ColorOS merge may fade away, and OnePlus is once again trying to separate itself from its parent company, Oppo.

The launching of the OnePlus 10T also marks the debut of OnePlus in the Philippines, with its own offices and service centers, outside of Digital Walker and other authorized retailers.

Source: UnboxPH, XDA Developers