Celebrate 11.11 with Oppo! Get up to 63% off on selected items!

When you purchase in Oppo’s TikTok, Shopee, and Lazada

It’s that time of the month. Are your wallets ready? They better be or you’re going to miss out on Oppo’s biggest One-Day Sale! Unless of course, you’re saving for 12.12 which is very close to Christmas, another perfect opportunity for you. However, the promos for that are going to be different and you will still miss out on what Oppo has in store for you this month.

Christmas does come early, doesn’t it? Why not plan a gift for your loved ones with a special Oppo treat? To do that, simply log-in to Shopee on time, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, or 7:00 pm on November 11th. You get a special chance to score a Php1 deal with Oppo’s Enco buds, a pair of TWS earbuds as well as the budget phone Oppo A16K. Plan on buying something extra? Now you can achieve 100% cashback when buying any Oppo smartphone with a total value of Php30,000. If that’s not a big sale, we don’t know what is.

Vouchers, freebies, and discounts galore on 11.11! Get a discount of Php 200 when you purchase any Oppo product with a total value of Php 9,999 and Php 600 off when purchasing with a total value of Php 14,999. There are also your usual free shipping vouchers, again capped at Php 50. This applies when you have a total value of Php 500 on your cart, only in Oppo’s official outlet.

You can claim a Php 100 discount voucher when you sit back and watch live streams that the company will air during the said date. You must attain a minimum purchase of Php 4,999 for it to work, however.

FOR SHOPEE USERS, you can also claim a 15% discount voucher, capped at Php 1000. FOR LAZADA USERS, 10% discount vouchers, capped at Php 1000, plus an additional Php 50 off for every Php 500 spend.

The A-series also gets a special treat! The Oppo A16K and Oppo A55 will be shipped with a free 32GB MicroSD card or Bluetooth speaker respectively. The Oppo A94 will ship out with a free 10,000mAh powerbank. Also, let’s not forget Oppo’s popular and renowned #theselfieexpert Reno series. Starting with the Reno5, all phones within this series will get a free Neon island Deskpad. In addition, the newest release, the Reno8 5G, will also receive Enco W11 earbuds as a freebie! These freebies are only available until supplies last, so set that timer up and never forget!


Refer to the list below for Oppo’s bundle treats!

  • Band B1 + Enco Buds: Php 1,999
  • Band B1 + Enco Buds2: Php 2,699
  • A16 (3/32) + Enco Buds: Php 6,299
  • A16 (3/32) + Band B1: Php 6,399
  • A55 + Enco Buds: Php 8,999
  • A55 + Band B1: Php 9,099
  • A94 + Enco Buds: Php 11,499
  • A94 + Band B1: Php 11,599
  • Reno5 + Enco Buds: Php 15,999
  • Reno5 5G + Enco Buds: Php 18,999

All these and more are available through Oppo’s official e-commerce channels, which are in Lazada and Shopee