At the Lenovo Tech World Event, Motorola and Lenovo showed off their rollable phones

A new case of foldable phones? Probably not

Two weeks ago, Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola, has shown off a proof of concept that may not be 100% new (TCL also had this idea before Lenovo did) but still is innovative and game-changing. This is the Motorola rollable phone.

Initially, it will appear as a small and compact 5in. smartphone that can gradually ‘grow’ to 6.5in. using a motor inside the flexible OLED screen. Unlike TCL’s concept, the idea here is not to turn the phone into a tablet but rather something similar to clamshell foldable phones like the Razr and Z Flip, make it taller or compact as the user intended.

The screen will also adapt depending on the activity. Watching movies and videos for example will make the screen dynamically expand. Lenovo is also exploring new concepts to make this screen more practical to use.

Oh yeah, as Asus revealed a full screen laptop, as in literally zero bezels and zero keyboard, Lenovo also has a trick up its sleeve: ROLLABLE LAPTOPS!

While these types of mechanisms feel gimmicky and useless (as with folding phones), it shows that companies still have an innovative mind.