ICYMI: You can now pre-order the iPhone 14/14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max

So as long you can still afford to buy food and rent, you can do it!

The iPhone 14 series is now officially available for pre-order (well, since yesterday). They will cost you an arm and a leg, or maybe a year’s worth of food allowance.

The phones are ready for pre-orders starting October 7 until October 13 only. After that, it’s regular sales. However, even during those days, it’s worth getting into as you will also receive freebies WORTH Php 28,000!

“All year long, we’ve been saying there’s an iPhone for all. We have focused on improving accessibility by opening various platforms—both online and offline—for customers to purchase their favorite Apple devices. We also helped make it possible for all to afford the devices they want with wide payment options to choose from. Now that we are ready to offer the iPhone 14 line up, we’re confident Power Mac Center can follow through and be able to serve the very best to Filipino fans,” said Joey Alvarez, PMC Director of Product Management and Marketing.

Below are the prices of the iPhone 14 series

iPhone 14

  • STARTING PRICE: Php 61,990
  • COLOURS: Product (RED), Blue, Midnight, Purple, Starlight
  • STORAGE OPTIONS: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB

iPhone 14 Plus

  • STARTING PRICE: Php 68,990
  • COLOURS: Product (RED), Blue, Midnight, Purple, Starlight
  • STORAGE OPTIONS: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB

iPhone 14 Pro

  • STARTING PRICE: Php 76,990
  • COLOURS: Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, Space Black
  • STORAGE OPTIONS: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • STARTING PRICE: Php 83,990
  • COLOURS: Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, Space Black
  • STORAGE OPTIONS: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB

That’s not all! PMC is also raffling PREMIUM FREEBIES worth Php 14,000 to 28 random winners. To earn a raffle entry, simply purchase any iPhone 14 unit in any The Loop or Power Mac Center stores from October 7-9. The winners will be announced on October 12 on Power Mac Center’s social media outlets.

Also, another 28 lucky winners will be drawn for those who pre-order via PMC’s website and its Viber Store.

PMC is offering installments (up to 24 months) on select banks as well as cash and straight payments.


Every iPhone purchase also entails up to 50% discount on any AirPods as well as 10% discount for Apple-branded cases. In addition, since Apple now owns Beats By Dre, you can also get a 15% discount when you add any Beats by Dre product to your cart in addition to your iPhone.

For any web purchases, you can only discount one accessory during checkout. This does not apply to Viber Stores or physical store transactions, so get all of the freebies you want through these!

TheLoop on Shopee

Prefer to go through Shopee? TheLoop is also offering pre-order deals through its Shopee store, and every iPhone 14 series purchase entails you a FREE SHIPPING VOUCHER. That’s not all! In addition to the very expensive phone, you can also get a 25% discount on AirPods, 10% off on Apple-branded cases, 15% off on any Beats by Dre Products, and up to 25% off on select non-Apple products offered by TheLoop.

Also, you can select one FREE Apple and Non-Apple accessory when you pre-order during the pre-order period.

UpTrade: Trade-in your old iPhone.

If you own an iPhone 13, you can trade them in-store via Power Mac Center. This way, you could save up to Php 51,000 when you trade it with any of the iPhone 14 series of phones.

Meanwhile, if you own an iPhone 11 or 12, you can trade-in those as well, you can get a Php 1,000 discount stackable with the value of the iPhone 14 phones.

If you own an iPhone XS Max or iPhone SE 2nd-generation. I’m so sorry (lol)

Protect Plus

Protect Plus is Power Mac Center’s name for its maintenance and insurance service. This insurance extends the coverage for damage protection not included with the normal warranty. This is available for users who will pre-order the iPhone 14 family. Users can enroll their phones for the Protect Plus warranty so that, after their normal warranty expires, they are still protected.

This insurance covers theft, accidental damage, or both. It lasts for two years.

In-Person launching is BACK! And it’s MORE EXCITING than ever!

Due to the pandemic forcing everyone to stay indoors and do work online, almost all physical activity and events have been postponed or cancelled. After two years of online-only launching, PMC is proud to announce that its in-person launch is back in business!

Fans are invited to see the iPhone 14 family live in the company’s flagship branch in Greenbelt 3. Those who purchase any of the iPhone 14 phones can also receive a STARTER KIT from partner outlets worth Php 28,000. These partners include Adam Elements, Anker, Aukey, Belkin, Cygnett, ItSkins, Laut, Otterbox, PanzerGlass, and Ventev.

For those who have pre-ordered, you can get the device, that’s guaranteed. However, if you desire to purchase the phone with an accessory bundle, you have to patiently line up. On the brighter side, at least you know you’re first served.

Several iPhone fans set up tents at their preferred Apple Store or authorized reseller’s branches in order to be the first to get an iPhone. PMC sees this Midnight iPhone Launches as tradition. So, in order to make your effort worthwhile and fun, PMC will be setting up games and other fun activities for users to engage with, along with delicious food as well as OPM artists to make the night stand out! It’s like a midnight party because tomorrow you won’t have any more money to feed yourself, so why not just make it the call of the night?

The party would start midnight on Thursday, 13 October 2022.

For more details about the launch, you could visit PMC’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. You can read our article for the iPhone 14 series as well.