Only seven days until you can purchase the iPhone 14 Pro on Digital Walker and Beyond the Box!

Just resist the dynamic notch for seven more days, you’ll get there!

When Apple released the iPhone 14 series, everyone was anticipating its design, especially after seeing several rumors stating that the phone would have a pill-like notch and a separate circular hole for the front camera. Of course, the final product is slightly different. There’s only one pill-like notch in the middle with some added software tweaks to make it interactive. And thus, Apple called it the “Dynamic Island” notch. Everyone went completely bonkers over it that even Xiaomi decided to “borrow” the design.

Don’t like your long bathtub notches anymore? Lucky you! By October 7, you can now pre-order yourself an iPhone 14 Pro through Digital Walker and Beyond the Box. The phone itself is available for sale starting next week, October 14th.

You can read about the iPhone 14 series here. If you wanted the bigger Pro Max version, you have to wait a little while but at least now you can get the dynamic island notch.

Sources: Digital Walker and Beyond the Box