World of Warships: Legends would soon grace your mobile dock. You can join weekly live streams to win EXCITING GIVEAWAYS!

Ironic since we kinda did… well…

USS Baltimore will now kill you in real life if you try to citadel her five more times

While the mobile version of the PC game World of Warships has existed for a while now (called World of Warships: Blitz), Wargaming is also bringing Legends to mobile, for those who wanted a more immersive experience with more realistic graphics and larger maps. The game had since previewed a soft launch globally, including in the Philippines.

The game that runs in the Philippines is run through the game’s dedicated ASIA server which also applies to the PC version and Blitz. Starting September 12, join your favourite local captains Moymoy Palaboy, Diane Sabadenja, Excelsor, and NickNickz TV as they explore the game’s virtual seas and be familiar with the game. Lucky spectators can win exciting prizes too! Especially if the captain is available on Twitch. Simply have stream drops enabled to win exciting in-game goodies!

Also, be sure to check out the GameSilog Show on Spotify. The podcast will run on September 16, 23, and 30. Tune in to their Spotify Channel so you don’t miss out on updates, news, reviews, highlights, and live interviews with WOWS: Legends players!

In the game, captains can sortie with destroyers, battleships, and cruisers from World War I up until World War II. Aircraft Carriers which are available in the PC version and Blitz are yet to be announced. Players can play different types of ships developed in several countries of the world, including blueprint ships you may have never heard of (or simply fabricated by Wargaming based on existing evidence). Also, lots of exciting modes including campaigns, seasonal modes, and an expansive tech tree await your port, all through your smartphone or tablet.

Wargaming has also announced that World of Warships Legends is also cross-play compatible. So if you have an account on the console version of the game, you can sync your progress from there down to your mobile phone so you don’t have to start progressing all over again from the beginning because the progression in World of Warships can be bloody, as bloody as Battle of the Philippine Sea itself.

Wan Nam Kung, World of Warships: Legends Mobile Regional Product Manager, remarks that “The Mobile
app makes diving into World of Warships: Legends more accessible to Pinoy players, we know the Philippines
has a high number of mobile users and we want to reach out to more players using this platform,”
said Wan.

The game currently requires Android 12 or iOS 16 to play. It can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store. The game is in its beta phase so bugs and glitches or lack of content may be commonplace.