ICYMI: You can now update to iOS 16 BUT…

There are reported bugs and glitches that can cause your phone to not function properly. Update with caution!

iPhone 14/14 Plus

iOS 16 is now out for iPhones. When the update was announced last June, Apple also mentioned that it will be dropping support for the iPhone 6s, 7, 7 Plus, and the first generation iPhone SE. For those who still own these devices, it won’t be long until apps are no longer compatible for them but it’s still amazing how Apple managed to keep these phones afloat for more than six years. Android wishes it can support that far.

The newest implementations of iOS 16 include a revamped lock screen and improved messaging system. Most of the update focused on the lock screen as well as visual enhancements.

However, there a number of users who reported glitches and bugs that are detrimental to the experience and cause serious problems to iPhones that support it. Hence other users who wish to update are given a warning and has recommended to wait until Apple has solved all the critical issues.


Some users have reported that some banking applications have stopped working once they have updated to iOS 16. Fossbytes have checked their ICICI Bank and Axis Bank applications in India and they just don’t work anymore. This may affect not just in India so keep an eye out for it if you have updated your phone to iOS 16.


Users that pre-ordered the iPhone 14 series may encounter a strange bug that causes the phone to skip through the Wi-Fi activation process whenever they set-up their phone for the first tie. Apple is aware of the issue and is “under investigation” but could not release an official fix just yet due to the bug being unfortunately detected during the pre-order phase of the new iPhones. Apple has suggested a band-aid fix. Apple said that users can remedy this issue by connecting their iPhone through iTunes either through a Mac or Windows PC during the initial setup process when prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network. They also need to go back to the previous screen prior to this one until the activation process goes through successfully.


Several users have reported that their Assistive Touch fails to response to movement. The feature worked well before iOS 16. Assistive touch is useful for users who own larger iPhones or need a convenient accessibility feature.

Luckily, there is an easy way to fix it. Just turn the thing on and off, just like how you would do when there’s a virus on your PC. To do that, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch and find the switch that reactivates it.


On Twitter as well as other social platforms, there are users who noticed that their iPhone’s battery drained a little faster than usual after updating to iOS 16. The tweet above showed this also happens with the iPhone 13 and the phone’s battery health dropped by 2% which isn’t a lot but it can be a threat as batteries naturally depreciate and the update makes it seem that the battery is depreciating faster than it should when in reality it isn’t.

There are a number of factors why this could be happening but most of them stems from background on-device processing. For example, the Camera or Photos app is trying to find duplicate photos in the background which is automatically activated once updated to iOS 16. The more photos you have on your phone, the longer it takes for the photos to be processed in the background, causing a heavier battery drain.

Spotlight Search Indexing also uses your phone’s resources in order to process search results including contacts, photos, apps, location, emails, messages, and so on. This can take a bit of time so naturally, the battery will drain.

One way to fix this is by simply restarting the device. If it doesn’t fix, then there’s a bigger issue ahead that should be fixed by the next security update.


One of the more serious bugs in iOS 16. Several users have reported that, after updating to iOS 16, some apps could not be updated. When a user tries to update their apps through the App Store, it shows an error message.

According to MacRumors, this may be due to Apple’s servers not syncing well with your phone’s current time. Some users have reported this happening as well with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.7 which is the latest update to the iPad.


As with most of these bugs, Apple has responded quickly and has released an OTA update called iOS 16.0.1 that fixes all the major bugs that users complained about online, including the “update apps” bug. This update also fixes the other bugs mentioned in this list. However, keep an eye out as there may still be bugs that were left unnoticed that would soon be fixed in a future update.

Source: Fossbytes.com