Wiko to release the 10 in the Philippines. Wiko 10 Buds now available for purchase!

Tinno is building up its reputation as an alternative market for affordable phones with a stylish design

Wiko is a French smartphone company that has been making a good foothold in the country lately thanks to Tinno’s strategy of making the phones stylish yet affordable. They value their phones as if they’re luxurious based on their ads but also at the same time, the masses can produce. Designing phones is what Tinno Mobile is known for, and they have been ODMs for popular clients like Xiaomi and Huawei.

The Wiko 10 (not to be confused with the more budgeted T10) is no different. Putting glamour onto their ads. The phone is again based on style and luxury, yet also is quite affordable for the masses.

The phone features the usual things you see on a budget phone of similar class. A set of [gimmicky] 50MP triple cameras, large amount of RAM and ROM, and a big display and battery.

While the back may likely not be made of glass, Wiko said that it will have a feel similar to it, so we’ll call it a “glass-grade” back. High chances it’s actually made of plastic with a matte finish. The design is inspired from French decos.

Wiko has not revealed the specs of it yet. They will on September 24th, the phone’s release date.

Alongside this announcement is the company’s first set of TWS earbuds that they’re truly putting a high value on. It’s called the Wiko Buds 10 and its design is totally 100% unique. Nothing we haven’t seen before

Scrolling down on the Shopee listing, the buds actually feature competitive specs that will surely make other mainstream brands run for their money. It features a stunning 30-hour music time, a low latency Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and even Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation during a call. It’s truly premium. The design is pretty generic though.

On Shopee’s Brand Day, the earbuds may be discounted to a price around Php1,000 so we’re hoping for that as these specs are really good value. It will also debut on that day, September 9th.