FINALLY, Twitter is adding the edit button we all so desperate

Imagine not being able to edit your tweet. With the edit function, you can make your wrong opinion falsely right for once.

Twitter is finally testing out an edit button. No, it’s not a late April Fools’ joke, the feature is being tested for real this time. Many Twitter users have been asking for so unbelievably long for this feature. After 16 years of operation, the popular Karen arena is finally letting you correct your own wrong opinion so you don’t embarrass yourself when you try to cancel someone.

Initially, the feature would be first available for Twitter Blue users (those bastards) and free users would get it much later before it comes out of beta. Twitter said that the original poster as well as viewers can check the edit history similar to Facebook.

As the name suggests, after you publish your tweet which contains several grammatical errors and typos, you can edit it and correct it later. It’s transparent so even if you edit it, other users will know if you have taken the L.

The tweet can be edited out 30 minutes following its publication. Edited tweets will be marked and this mark can be clicked so that other users can check the edit history.

Source: Twitter