The POCO M5 series will be released on September 5

Deadboot, deadboot, and MORE DEADBOOT!


POCO has officially announced that the POCO M5 series will launch on September 5. The main takeaway is their chipset, where the M5 carries the Helio G99 while the M5s carry a slightly weaker and older Helio G96.

A leaked unboxing video (now deleted) has shown that the POCO M5 is nothing more than a rebadged Redmi Note 10s from about a year ago. The difference is the “5G” marking and the large POCO logo slapped on the side of the phone. Meanwhile, the POCO M5s has an outdated waterdrop cutout design and its back is nearly similar to that of the previous M4.

The M5s may feature the same 6.58in. FHD+ IPS LCD screen. Meanwhile, the main M5 phone may feature an AMOLED screen due to it being a rebadged Redmi Note 10S. Take these speculations with a large pinch of salt (if it’s still not under shortage).

We’ll find out more on 5th September, when the phones officially debut. For now, the only confirmation is that one of the phones will carry a Helio G99 chipset. This is most likely the Poco M5.

We’re sure hoping POCO fixes the deadboot issue that has plagued the M series since the M3. For those who don’t know, “deadboot” is an issue where your computer could not recognize the handset if it was connected via a USB cable. This is due to the phone’s boot sector being damaged. Deadboot causes your phone to not boot up (hence the name) and prevents you from accessing the phone altogether.

Source: POCO