HONOR is coming back to the Philippines!

What an honor, they might have recovered

Honor Magic4 Pro, a flagship phone with a 100x periscope camera!

Some of you may be asking for a Google-powered Huawei phone, just like before they were banned. Good news for those who do, Honor announced their return to the Philippines! Now you can experience Huawei with Google!

While the company is no longer associated with Huawei, they do still inherit some of the company’s designs. Users may be able to avail phones like the Honor 70 series and the Honor Play. The former is inspired by the Huawei P50 series.

Honor’s last phone before their eventual pullout was the Honor 20 Lite. After that phone was released back in 2020, the advent of the pandemic. When Huawei got blacklisted, Honor disappeared. The company was still a subsidiary of Huawei back then.

Because Honor is now an independent brand, their phones now have Google Mobile Services and the company uses their own UI called MagicUI.

The company during the course of its independence has received significant feats. It is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in China and the Magic4 Ultimate currently has the highest score for DxOMark. That’s quite remarkable for a newly independent company. Remember that Honor no longer has the manpower Huawei has.

The company did not announce what devices or products they’re going to bring but we’re expecting the Play series including the 60 SE and 6T series, the Magic 3 or 4 series, and the number series. We’re also expecting the company’s own line of wearables, lifestyle products, and notebooks.

Source: GizGuidePH