Onlygrams: Paid subscription for exclusive content on Instagram ANNOUNCED!

Except it’s a more PG variant of it really. So in a sense, it’s like Patreon.

Instagram has announced that it is launching a paid subscription feature. So if OnlyFans is way too R-18 for you, then Instagram is the way to go.

This paid subscription allows users to pay for exclusive content. This allows content creators to gain revenue from whatever they post. Patreon may just be too complex for some and I think we should also get on it someday in the future.

Instagram has posted numerous examples of how this can be used. One example shows that certain stories can only be viewable by paid subscribers. As a badge of honor and for flexing reasons, paid users are also shown their very own badge when they comment on a content creator’s post. Another is that, if you go through a user’s Instagram profile, so as long you’re a subscriber of that profile, there will be a toggle called “Subscriber Home” where exclusive content — ranging from stories, to videos and photos, could be viewed.

According to Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, he was inspired that content creators should be making money for content they have created, providing sustainable income for them.

Instagram is yet to announce when and where this feature would be available.