Nothing Phone (1) is set to debut on July 12th in London.

Transparent and full of nothing. It’s nothing to be seen.

Nothing made heads when they first released their transparent Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, and again with an event discussing the NothingOS launcher. We’re also going to release our thoughts about it, as well as the beta launcher launched on Google Play. Stay tuned!

In the latter event, Nothing mentioned about the Nothing Phone (1), except it’s more cryptic than you think. It was announced to be quite a competitor to Apple’s iPhone in terms of updates and will have longevity as long as iPhones, about a total of seven years. That’s really more than your usual Android manufacturer and even Samsung gives out three or four major updates.

On its webpage, users are encouraged to “undo, unfollow, and unlearn everything the industry has taught you”. It claims that contemporary manufacturers are managing updates wrong all this time and Nothing has been created to solve that. Its main design and purposes are transparency and security.

In case you are curious about what the phone may look like, refer to the render above. It looks like your standard Android phone except it comes in a translucent casing as well as a simplistic minimalist design. It features NothingOS, another fork of Android. Rumor says it will come with a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset which isn’t close to a flagship. The last event mentioned that the phone will be using a “Qualcomm chipset” but did not specify which. Certainly, we aren’t expecting a midrange chipset, especially for a first-time company having bold claims.

As Nothing focuses on a healthy ecosystem, the company may not focus on creating smartphones. Instead, it will focus on AIoT products that will seamlessly sync with all of the company’s products. During the live event, we’re expecting some accessories too.

To reiterate, the event will be live in London, 12th July, 16:00 British Summer Time. (11:00 PM Philippine Standard Time, 12th July).

Source: Nothing, Business Insider India