Apple, Amazon, and Disney are interested in acquiring EA

Pay $99.99 to unlock the art department of this company, and another $99.99 more to get the CEO pass.

EA, after a series of disappointing events (we’re looking at you, Battlefield 2042), has reportedly put itself up for sale. The company is known for their aggressive microtransaction schemes and continuous acquisition of smaller gaming studios, many of which developed a franchise of community-beloved games like Command and Conquer, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Plants vs Zombies, Mass Effect, and others.

The company is interested in either a merger or a total buyout and several companies have eyed to purchase the company, including two of the biggest names in the tech business Apple and Amazon, as well as the world’s largest media conglomerate Disney.

It also appears that Comcast is also interested in a merger with the game publisher. According to a news article from Puck, Brian Roberts, the owner of NBC-Universal which in turn owns Comcast, said that the two companies have been proposing a merger where Comcast would be a major shareholder. “The general terms of the proposal, which lawyers and bankers for both sides negotiated for several weeks, would have seen the Roberts family take majority control of the combined entity,” it writes. “Although it also claims that deal was refused in the last few weeks due to “disagreements over price and structure”.

If you could recall, big companies buying major video game publishers have been a strangely huge trend lately, with the biggest news of Microsoft acquiring Activision-Blizzard as well as Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, the developer of Destiny. EA constitute a huge library of games so if a company buys them, then their gaming portfolio would have a drastic increase.

Ubisoft, a major competitor to EA, is also planning to sell itself because that’s how it is now.

Source: Pocket-Lint