Robert Krakoff, co-founder of Razer and a pioneer of the PC gaming peripherals industry, has sadly passed away

Without him, gaming mice won’t be a thing

Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff ( born 4 October, 1940), one of the co-founders of Razer Inc (along with Min-Liang Tan) has passed away as per official announcement from Razer. He is known for his pioneering stages in the PC gaming industry, particularly, the development of gaming mice.

He passed away last 26th April, 2022 but his death wasn’t made public up until now. Razer’s website states “Team Razer is saddened by the passing of Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Robert Krakoff, known by everyone as RazerGuy. Robert’s unwavering drive and passion for gaming lives on and continues to inspire all of us. Thank you Rob, you’ll be missed.”

His cause of death is unknown as it was not revealed yet as of this writing. He was known for developing the Boomslang. Krakoff was an engineer and computer designer. Before he founded Razer, he created a company known as “Kärna”. Here, he created a mouse that can track movement speeds of up to 2000dpi. The first-ever Boomslang is now forever engraved as the world’s first gaming mouse to hit the scene.

When Kärna was bankrupted in 2005, he co-founded Razer Inc which is based both in Singapore and the US along with the current CEO Min-Liang Tan. Players adore RazerGuy for his sincerity, kindness, and approachability, and he also takes gaming peripherals very seriously. He is known for being heavily connected with the community and taking feedback into heart. He even let out his e-mail address razerguy@razerzone to help users that bought his products in giving feedback directly.

Source: Razer, PC Gamer