Shopee’s new insurance system allows electronics to be protected from accidental damage or loss due to theft

You also get 100% of the total money back in case any of these two scenarios happen.

Recently, Shopee has quietly announced a very useful feature for buyers and sellers to benefit from called Shopee Insurance also known as Product Protection Services. This service allows buyers of electronic and mobile products to be warrantied on accidental impacts and liquid damage. It also protects and warrants users in case their product gets lost due to negligence or theft!

As mentioned above, there are two types and they only apply to electronics and mobile services. The Cracked Screen Protection covers users from damaged screens due to accidental physical contact. This can also apply to cameras, Desktop PCs, and laptops. The other protection, Electronics Protection covers damage done due to accidental physical and liquid damages, regardless of its location. It also warrants protection to buyers in case of theft.

The insurance is purchasable by buyers. Sellers are not charged for the insurance system and they cannot choose to opt out of it. If a buyer happens to encounter any of the two situations above, then they may submit a claim to their sellers to avail of professional repairs or replacements in their authorized service centers.

If buyers decide, then they can add the protection services as an add-on. Vouchers do not apply to the Protection Services and they will only be discounted to the price of the item you’re purchasing. So if the item is Php1,000 and you have a 10% discount voucher, then the price of the item would be Php900. The cost of this will add up if you have chosen to add Protection services to your product.

So if the Protection Services cost Php50 in addition to the discounted price, the total price would be Php950, assuming no other factors are included, including free shipping and additional shop vouchers.

The best part about this whole ordeal is that, according to the fine print, users will have 100% of their money back in case accidents and theft does happen. This is beneficial to everyone since the Protection Services is affordable and users now are less worried paying via card or ShopeePay. It also protects the reputation of the seller. Everyone wins!

If you need to know more, including the products covered by this protection, follow this link