OpenSignal benchmarks internet and 5G speeds in APAC countries. Philippines has a significant progress in 5G infrastructure

Our internet is really improving??? It is apparently felt

5G Download and Upload Speeds

OpenSignal has released a report this March benchmarking the 5G performance of several APAC countries starting 1st November until 29th January. Seen on the table above are the Up and Down speed benchmarks.

South Korea topples everyone in the Download and Upload speed segment, having a score of 438Mbps for down speed and 866.9Mbps for the peak download speeds, which are insanely fast. It is ahead of Taiwan and New Zealand, and their differences are significant. The Philippines, while noticing some improvement, is only slightly above Hong Kong in the Down Speeds and Thailand in the peak Download speeds. It still has much to improve especially in the upload speeds, where it has a record of an abysmally slow 13.6Mbps.

5G vs 4G Uplift and Experience

While our internet speeds are still slower in comparison to other APAC countries, we did see a significant improvement and enjoyment of 5G networks. The Philippines’ 5G infrastructure is 8.9 times faster than that of 4G and we get to enjoy a 33% improved video experience with 5G versus those using 4G networks. Indonesia also felt noticeable improvement on their 5G networks, having enjoyed a 29% satisfaction rate versus the older 4G LTE networks.

As 5G matures and spreads, internet connectivity and speeds would also improve. Slowly, we can see that our internet speeds would become faster as time progresses. To improve our 5G infrastructure, ISPs should install 5G cell towers in geographically populated areas, or through the deployment of new spectrum bands that will help improve internet speeds and bandwidth.

You can read the full report on OpenSignal