Blackberry is dead… AGAIN

Looks like Blackberry has always ended on a rough situation.

Well… this didn’t age well

After two years of promises, including a supposedly upcoming 2021 5G phone with a physical keyboard, OnwardMobility has closed its doors and has announced that their ventures with Blackberry would not proceed.

We want to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support that you have given us since we first launched OnwardMobility. However, it is with great sadness that we announce that OnwardMobility will be shutting down, and we will no longer be proceeding with the development of an ultra-secure smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Onward Mobility

In addition, the company has added that this decision has not been made easy for them, the company closed most likely due to running out of funding.

If you wanted a phone with a physical keyboard, then your only chances are to purchase the remaining Blackberry phones previously manufactured by TCL.

Blackberry used to be this gargantuan manufacturer of keypad phones until the game changer Apple iPhone came. The company was notable for its QWERTY keyboard layout, advanced design, and a very high priority towards security.

Source: Onward Mobility