H2O OS may be the name of Oppo and OnePlus’ unified OS

As OnePlus absorbs into Oppo, they’re slowly losing their identity, and now the only thing that would redeem themselves is now gone. RIP OxygenOS and OnePlus.

After OnePlus and Oppo merged last year, there are going to be some changes that are going to happen with OnePlus, most notably their Research and Development as well as their software. Notably, there are changes when it comes to their OxygenOS fork of Android. OxygenOS is well-known for their near-stock appearance as well as buttery-smooth performance. It’s like an enhancement of stock Android that adds features that the latter does not have yet.

Now that Oppo and OnePlus unified, there are concerns on what’s going to happen with OxygenOS. There are reports stating that OxygenOS will have features similar to ColorOS 12. This means the only thing that OnePlus left for their integrity is forever gone. OnePlus settled.

The new OS is reported to be named H2O OS, or informally “Water OS”. The name came from the fact that it combines HydrogenOS and OxygenOS. However, this name may be hard to become official as it happened years ago. It can still become a nickname, however.

While this name is highly unlikely, it is indeed highly possible for OnePlus and Oppo to change the name of their unified OS entirely. While it is expected that Oppo is going to bring ColorOS features on OxygenOS and vice versa, we just hope that this new OS remains similar to OxygenOS in that it is nearly similar to bone-stock Android, but it’s just sad to see that OnePlus, once known to provide “flagship killer” devices, completely settled with mundane upgrades and no innovation.

Source: India Today