No sense of originality. Gionee has released a copy of the iPhone 13 called the G13 Pro with HarmonyOS

We’re mixing worlds that shouldn’t be mixed

Gionee, a smartphone company that surprisingly has resurfaced even after it basically killed itself by betting all of its revenue to a casino and losing, has released a totally original phone with HarmonyOS, it’s called the G13 Pro and it almost did not resemble the iPhone 13 in a way. We’re baffled, it’s like mixing apples with lychees, it just doesn’t taste as good.

The phone is first seen listed on with several typos, causing some curious buyers thinking that it’s not a real product. However, the phone is indeed real despite all that. If you’re too broke to get an iPhone 13 and the Huawei P50 Pro, this might be the best solution of both worlds.

The phone is also smaller than its competitors, at a compact 6.26in. IPS LCD screen with 90% screen-to-body ratio. Of course, the phone can’t be an iPhone 13 without including the ridiculously still-large notch, so this phone has it and this is where the 5mp front camera is located.

While the phone is claimed to use “HarmonyOS”, not all services may be offered and only some services from Huawei such as Huawei ID and a few Huawei software, are to be used. So this isn’t strictly and 100% a pure “HarmonyOS” device.

Going back, like the iPhone 13, the phone uses a 13mp main camera although the quality is definitely much worse due to it being targeted at budget-conscious users. There’s also a 2mp macro camera at the back that’s quite pointless.

It runs using the UNISOC T310 chipset that’s similar to the Helio G35 in terms of performance. As mentioned earlier, you can get the phone in either 32 or 128GB storage and with 4GB RAM. It has a small battery for today’s standards at 3500mAh, further mimicking the fact that most iPhones still use a small battery. This is charged via USB-C.

The phone is pretty affordable too, starting at CNY 529 (~Php 4.3K) for the 4/32 model while the more expensive 4/128 model starts at CNY 699 (~Php 5.6K)

Source: GSMArena