Realme X50 Pro 5G is getting Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 on early access.

This will be the last major update for the Realme X50 Pro 5G.

The Realme X50 has just received early access for Realme UI 3.0. For a two-year-old flagship, we’re surprised to see that Realme still noticed it. It first started with Android 10. It also saw an extensive release here in the Philippines. Android 12 will be the last major upgrade for it as the company only promised two years’ worth of major Android upgrades for its flagships.

Realme’s Early Access Program allows interested users to experience new features for RealmeUI before it is released for public use. It’s like a beta program for RealmeUI 3.0 which means that there may be more bugs and stability issues than the final build so you should not install the early version of RealmeUI onto your primary phone.

Interested applicants must obviously have the X50 Pro 5G as well as firmware version RMX2076PUNV1B_11.C.23. If your phone is not in this version, then they must update it in order to qualify for RealmeUI 3.0 early access. Remember to back up your files before updating to the beta build, to prevent loss of data. If things go horribly wrong, the newsletter also provided users instructions on how to roll back their device to Android 11.

To access said update, users need to go Settings>Software Update>Trial Version>Apply Now. There may be a form that’s needed for you to answer, so answer them when prompted. If your application has been accepted, applicants will receive a notification saying that their phone is ready to be updated to RealmeUI 3.0 based on Android 12 over the air.

Realme also warned users that not all third-party applications will work well on Android 12, which is what Realme UI 3.0 is based on.

To participate and find more info, please click this link. It will redirect you to Realme’s Early Access program