The Indian version of the Redmi Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro+, the Xiaomi 11i and 11i hypercharge are now official

Same specs, different name, confusing tactic

Redmi Note 11 in Forest Green. It will debut in India as the Xiaomi 11i

Xiaomi has this tendency to rename their phones in other markets in order to cater to customers. However, this just makes them more confused but I guess they really don’t care. To make matters worse, the Mi 11 and Mi 11x are also released in the country. An un-updated consumer might think all these four phones are related to each other when they aren’t.

The Xiaomi 11i and 11i Hypercharge are two examples of this notorious marketing tactic. They offer identical specs as the Redmi Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro Plus respectively.

Please click this article for spec sheets!


Xiaomi 11i

  • 6/128: INR 24,999 (~Php 17.3K)
  • 8/128: INR 26,999 (~Php 18.7K)

Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge

  • 6/128: INR 26,999 (~Php 18.7K)
  • 8/128: INR 28,999 (~Php 20K)

Redmi Note users would get a discount for the 11i and 11i Hypercharge through a trade-in program. Up to INR 4,000 (~Php 2.8K)

Source: Xiaomi India