Tecno introduces the world’s first actually useful macro lens on a smartphone

A macro lens that isn’t useless? Count us in!

In every article we make for smartphones, you can see how much we dislike the macro lens. They are not quite useful as they have so low quality and resolution, and that the main camera is much better for close-up shots. Tecno is making a solution to solve this problem that’s been plaguing smartphones for a long while now.

Tecno is introducing the world’s first 5x optical zoom telemacro lens with a large aperture. In short, it’s a legit telescopic macro lens with actually good quality that matches very close to the main camera, the company claims. The company calls this lens as the “Future Lens”.

The teaser video above shows the camera protruding, like how an actual camera lens should. This protruding lens isn’t new but is quite an important development for camera phones. This allows you to take close-up shots without actually getting very close to your subject. This protruding tech also allows for larger aperture ranges, a crucial pillar for taking great quality photos.

While there isn’t anything specific the company said, we’re looking forward to how it does in reality. We really do hope that this development paves way for actually useful macro cameras, unlike the common 2mp or 5mp macros we have now.

There’s no announcement yet on what phone they will apply this in. Think of it like a patent or a teaser for now.

Source: GSMArena