Blackberry is set to make a 5G phone this year. For real this time

BBM is back?

While the classic Blackberry phones are long gone, it doesn’t mean that their future is as well. After Blackberry’s departure from TCL, the company found itself a new partner. It’s called OnwardMobility. And no, contrary to popular belief, they are far from dead.

The company has recently announced that they are going to release an Android-powered keypad phone this year. This phone comes with 5G as well. Blackberry is known for their good security and their business-oriented stature. Moreover, they were quite popular before the iPhone as they are seen as very advanced for the time.

For those who follow Blackberry religiously, the last phone they’ve released was the Key2 LE, back in 2018. In a sense, it’s technically a modernised version of the Blackberry Classic, with a squarer look and Android interface.

The rumor that Blackberry is forever dead came from its January 4 announcement, where it announced that its services for BlackberryOS is gone. This led to people falsely believing that Blackberry won’t be making phones anymore.

We sure hope to see Blackberry come back. It quite underestimated the iPhone, and underestimating the iPhone is lethal, especially back in 2007. Happened with Nokia. The situation with Blackberry is akin to Nokia, where a holding company is responsible for the phones. In the case of Nokia, it’s HMD. For Blackberry, it’s OnwardMobility, a small holding company from Texas, USA.

Source: DigitalTrends, MakeUseOf, OnwardMobility