Molnupiravir is a drug that can be used to treat COVID-19, and Globe is offering it through their HealthNow app.

Ivermectin isn’t a cure for COVID-19. Stop dreaming!

Molnupiravir pills. This drug was approved for use by the FDA for emergency uses.

The pandemic has caused a worldwide change in lifestyle, as well as developments in different kinds of medication and treatments. We all are aware of several types of vaccines that were approved. However, while vaccines are there, there really isn’t a drug for COVID-19, up until the discovery and creation of the antiviral drug called Molnupiravir. This drug, unlike Ivermectin, is created solely to treat COVID-19 and its symptoms.

Currently, the drug isn’t available for mass production and its current state is EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) according to the Food and Drug Association. The drug should only be used on people aged 18 years and older who have mild to moderate cases of COVID-19, as well as senior citizens and citizens with comorbidities that are at “risk factors for developing severe illnesses” and should NOT be a substitute to vaccines.

Good news to Globe users! The company is offering said drug through their HealthNow app as it was approved for emergency uses just last month. The drug can be ordered so as long as the user has a doctor’s prescription. Without it, you’ll be denied the drug.

“COVID-19 positive patients interested in Molnupiravir may consult with a doctor on the HealthNow app to check eligibility,” said Globe in an e-mailed statement. The company also said that this drug also helps reduce the number of hospitalizations by half caused by COVID-19.

The brand name of Molnupiravir is called “MOLNARZ” and is manufactured by Merck in the United States and Canada.

Source: Business World