Samsung unveils the world’s first monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution

RTX 3090: Are you challenging me?

Monitors with a high refresh rate followed by a similarly and insanely high resolution are becoming the rage these days. Manufacturers are racing on which monitor could challenge the most powerful processors and graphics cards released to date. Somehow, Samsung took this challenge too seriously and their new monitor could possibly make even the most expensive NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU just another stove for your meals.

This new challenger identifies itself as the Odyssey Neo G8 and is part of Samsung’s Odyssey line of gaming monitors that are also as expensive if not more. This monitor was given a sneak peek before CES 2022 and Samsung ain’t fooling around when it comes to pushing the limits.

The curved monitor has a wide 1000R curve but is smaller than the G9 as the monitor’s diagonal measurement is just 32 inches. The G8 uses the same MiniLED tech found on the G9 that gives the screen a very bright 2000nits peak of brightness as well as a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 that’s currently the industry’s highest. Something that’s only higher than some flagship phones to date. This impressive brightness scale has a name, and it’s called “Quantum HDR 2000”. If you can’t explain the tech call it “quantum” to sound cool, and the name is nothing more than just a name. It doesn’t mean anything outside really.

The main feature of the monitor is the 4K (3840x2160px) 240Hz resolution and refresh rate that’s not seen on other monitors, nor can graphics cards natively support it. In comparison, the Neo G9 has a resolution of “QHD+”, standing with a lower 5120x1440px. As a Gaming monitor, the Neo G8 supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro as well as NVIDIA’s GSync.

For ports, the monitor comes with a 1.1.4 DisplayPort and two HDMI 2.1 ports. Samsung ensured to have two just in case you wanted to do split screen. A highly likely case for the most insane and hardcore gamers out there. 32in. is quite small for their standards honestly.

The monitor certainly is a huge amazement but its price and full details are yet to be announced. Most likely when CES 2022 starts. If you can afford such a monitor and your PC can handle the 4K 240Hz display, then this one might be for you.

Source: PCGamer