Fenghua is a GPU that aims to compete with the RTX 3060

Because it’s Chinese, will PC enthusiasts buy into it, or would they just rely on NVIDIA forever?

Innosilicon may not be a name you hear everyday but they made a blast on several news articles thanks to their announcement of the Fantasy 1 (or Fenghua) graphics card that aims to compete with NVIDIA RTX 3060. Now then, we wonder if its performance is real or rather just fantasy like how it’s named.

This GPU is built upon a 12nm process and is based on PowerVR’s GPUs which means it natively supports Android, Windows, and Linux stacks. It also has support for OpenCL, OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL ES, Caffe 1.0, TensorFlow 1.1.2, and ONNX graphics computations.

There are two versions of the GPU. Type A has a single chip while Type B is dual-chip. Type A has a performance comparable to previous-gen RTX2060 and boasts a compute performance of 5 FP32 FLOPS and 25 INT8 FLOPS for machine learning. Type B has double the compute performance at 10 FP32 FLOPS and 50 INT8 FLOPS for AI/ML. These numbers can theoretically compete and is slightly higher than that of the RTX3060.

Type A can support 4, 8, or 16GB of LPDDR6 VRAM while Type B supports all plus an additional 32GB LPDDR6 VRAM. Both of these GPUs have support for PCIe Gen4 as well as DisplayPort 1.4, eDP 1.4, and HDMI 2.1 interfaces

While Innosilicon is already testing out these GPUs for real-world performance, there’s no word yet for a local or international release. If it wants to compete aggressively, then the pricing of this GPU should be much much more affordable than its rivals.

Source: Tom’s Hardware