Qualcomm has announced numerous changes to its mobile platform

Confusing names, constantly changing names. This happened multiple times in a few consecutive years.

The Qualcomm Tech Summit is fast approaching. When the summit was first announced, there were already discussions in the rumour mill on what the summit might be about. One of the most frequently discussed is the release of Qualcomm’s new flagship chip, previously known as the Snapdragon 898 (which is easier to say and is more in line with the previous Snapdragon 888 processor).

There are about 2 billion Qualcomm chips distributed globally and so today, the company has announced that it is reworking its brand strategies for their mobile SoCs. Because of this announcement, there were rumours stating that Qualcomm will provide a new naming scheme for their mobile platforms.

This new naming scheme will be followed by this format: a single-digit series and generation number. If that is the case and it applies to all of their mobile processors, then the 700, 600, and 400 series may follow suit. This also confirms the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that has been floating around lately as the official name for Qualcomm’s newest flagship chip. This was also presented in the video above.

Next, the company announced that it has separated the “Qualcomm” and “Snapdragon” branding and that the company’s name will appear less in any mobile-related products. The name “Snapdragon” will become a standalone product brand with “specific ties to the Qualcomm brand where appropriate”. In other words, “Snapdragon” might become a division the same way Poco is to Xiaomi.

Another is that, in the future, the name “5G” finally be removed in upcoming mobile chipsets (because let’s face it, it’s a mouthful to say “Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G”) as 5G has become commonplace in today’s smartphone market, and chipsets that are 4G-only may soon have less demand. Also, the company is also launching 5G-only mobile chipsets moving forward. It’s expected that companies will be bringing back the LTE technology naming once 6G hits.

Qualcomm’s mobile platforms are also going to be represented by different colours such as Midnight, Gunmetal, Nickel, Snapdragon Red, and Gold.

In addition to their mobile chipsets, their automotive portfolio would also change “at the platform and experience layer level” like Snapdragon Ride and Snapdragon Digital Chassis