The OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Band are arriving in the Philippines via Digital Walker! [UPDATED]

The OnePlus Watch is just a glorified wearable band. So releasing these two at the same time may be counterintuitive.

The OnePlus Watch is unfortunately not an Android Watch unlike its competitors, instead OnePlus used its own software for it. It’s basically a glorified exercise band but shaped like a watch. This along with the OnePlus Band is coming to the Philippines.

To recall, the OnePlus Watch has a circular 1.4in. AMOLED screen with IP68 water and dust resistance so you can track your progress even after dumping yourself into the water. Like regular smartwatches, it has a few smartphone features such as hands-free calls, notifications, and can even connect to the OnePlus TV so it acts like a remote control (though that isn’t released here yet). It has a blood-oxygen sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Gyroscope, Air Pressure Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, and finally GPS. It has two buttons on the sides as well as a dial. The frame is based on a cobalt alloy material while the glass is made of sapphire. It has over 50 watch faces for you to choose from and you can store up to 500 songs and connect your phone with it while listening so you don’t have to bring it out every time. Lastly, it has 110+ workout modes for your exercises.

On a single charge, OnePlus said the watch can last up to two weeks. You can charge the watch for 20 minutes and then it would last for a week, depending on how you use it.

OnePlus Band

The OnePlus band on the other hand, while similar to the OnePlus Watch, has more specific uses. It is mainly used for exercises and tracking your progress. Like other bands, this one also has an IP68 rating. For the display, it is a rectangular 1.1in. touchscreen AMOLED. It can also act as a watch and you can customise up to 37 watch faces for your use.

In terms of health, the band has 12 different exercise modes and a free training mode. In addition, it can also act as a music and camera control. Both the OnePlus Watch and the Band have a complementary app called OnePlus Health to help you track and see your records.

In short, the OnePlus Band is a toned-down OnePlus Watch.

Prices aren’t announced yet as of this writing. It’s going to be purchasable via Digital Walker soon.

The OnePlus Watch has a price of Php 8,290 while the OnePlus Band is priced at Php 1,890