Cherry releases a Smart NVR kit and Smart Bullet Camera for better security.

Easy to set up surveillance to protect your homes from robberies and for other things like watching over children and valuables.

Cherry has released new devices to better protect your homes as part of its Cherry Home lineup called the “Smart Home NVR Kit” which includes a fairly easy to set up CCTV camera with 1080p video recording and “smart-human detection” motion sensor that lets the camera alarm only when certain human movement is detected and nothing else.

In addition to these two features, the camera is also IP65 rated which means it has a high level of water resistance in case of situations like intense flooding, roof leaks, and rain. The camera has 100­­° of turning angles allowing for a wide field of view; along with two-way audio and built-in microphones so the camera can also record audio and hear sounds such as voices and ambiance.


However, aside from the single CCTV which you can purchase separately for Php2,490, there’s also the NVR Kit (Network Video Recorder) which allows you to purchase four cameras simultaneously, as well as the network video recorder (hence the name) that has up to 8TB of local storage, FHD four-channel recording, and all-day recording. Thanks to its high storage, you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality being poor and/or pixelated. You can also watch your recording via the VGA and HDMI slot. Both the smart bullet camera and the NVR Kit are controllable via the Cherry Home app on iOS and Android.

The entire NVR Kit is available for purchase on the Cherry Home website for Php9,999. This kit is suitable for large homes with several rooms where valuables are easily located, as well as areas that are easy entrances for robberies and home invasions. Currently, the NVR Kit is not available for purchase.

In case you don’t need four cameras, Cherry is also offering the camera as a separate order, each cost Php2,490 as mentioned earlier. You can purchase this camera over at Cherry Home’s website, as well as Lazada.